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Profitek is a leading software development company specializing in Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions for the Hospitality and Retail industries. Founded in 1985 and based in Vancouver, Canada, Profitek has three offices in Canada, two offices in China and a growing dealership network across North America. It has been ranked among the top 100 technology companies in B.C. (by T-Net) since 1999.

Profitek is unique in providing dedicated POS software suites for the Hospitality and Retail sectors. Mixed hospitality and retail environments such as museums, zoos, campuses, or any organization with both retail and food service operations are ideal candidates for Profitek's solutions.

Profitek was the first POS solution in North America to provide dual language operation. The software displays and prints in any second language supported by Windows and allows viewing and printing of orders and receipts in either language, based on the preference of each user.

arrow Our Vision
Innovation and excellence in the development and execution of end-to-end technology solutions for a global marketplace.

arrow Our Mission
To provide growing retail and hospitality businesses superior operational performance and sales growth, through affordable and practical technology solutions.

arrow Our Values
Service: Client service as the cornerstone to success.
Integrity: To act ethically and honorably in all of our relationships, both internally and externally.
Evolution: To constantly strive for improvement, both personally and professionally. To question, with a view to answers. To listen, with a drive to action. To dream, with an eye to reality.

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