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Point of Sale

  • Touch Screen Based Order Entry
    Designed especially for touch screen operations. Large colorful display. Virtually unlimited number of items; items are selected from the top group of buttons, grouped by subcategory selected at the bottom.
  • Barcode Based Order Entry
    Ability to scan UPC barcode information. Especially useful for prepackaged goods in quick service or for quick payment in cashier based restaurants.
  • Handheld Wireless Order entry
    Windows CE Based interface available for PDA's; allows server to enter and send orders to the kitchen, request bill status, and with optional CCA and wireless printer, process payments and issue receipts.
  • Self Serve Kiosk Order Entry Option
    Intuitive self serve interface for Kiosks replaces ticket takers at hotel or event functions and supplements cashiers during peak periods. PC-based system means Kiosk may be used to sell advertising or provide information when not in Order Entry mode.
  • Fast Order Card Scanning
    Use a pre-printed order card listing menu items for customers to mark. The card is then scanned into order entry and the order completed within a couple of seconds. Especially useful for Dim Sum service or any environment with large numbers of small a la carte orders.
  • Dine In Order Type Support
    Table selection with guest count tracking and separate billing selectable.
  • Drag and Drop Table Layout
    You can design your on-screen table layout similar to your restaurant physical layout. Add or delete tables and easily re- arrange your layout depending on your shift or for special functions.
  • Table Management Support
    View which tables are yours, which are active with other servers, order status, payment status, and table split status directly from table layout screen.
    Floor plan refreshes so hosts and servers always have up to date status.
  • Section Management
    Completely define the operation of your different sections (eg. Lounge, Bar, Patio, Dining Room).
    Each section can have individual menus, table layouts, seating options.
    Shadow tables for lounge/holding areas.
    Tabs for bar only patrons
    Quick service setup for take-out and delivery.
    Profit centers may be set up for different sections or combinations of sections.
  • Server Banking or Cashier Banking
    Allow each employee be their own cashier, reconcile moneys owed at the end of their shift.
    Easy to use shift end report.
    All money collected by the employee is accounted for.
  • Remote kitchen (order prep) & bar printer support
    Unlimited number of kitchen and bar printers in any combination. Assign each item to any combination of order printers.
    Optional Kitchen Monitor function with "bump bars" or "bump when paid".
  • Price groups for Menu Item Pricing
    Allow you to specify up to 10 different menu item prices for different sections or events, or for different regions in the case of chains.
  • Popup Modifier Screens
    Modifiers automatically pop up when the menu item is touched. Modifier grouping allows unlimited layers to be generated. Open modifier function to type in special requests "on the fly".
  • Discounts, Voids, Promotions
    Discounts definable by percentage or dollar amount.
    Discount, void or promo an item or the whole order, with reasons.
    Management controlled access to these functions, with a full audit trail.
    Server Contest items with real time look-up promotes add on sales.
  • Item Out Warning
    Instantly enter or change the availability status of an item that has run out and can't be ordered.
  • Customer tracking
    Mandatory or optional entry of customer information. Function button for entry after order taken.
    Management definable customer groups.
    Customer lists by group and spending reports by group.
  • Quick Order Functions
    Large, convienient quantity buttons for multiples of items.
    Combo Items with or without substitutions.
    Meal Deals.
    Repeat last round function.
  • Hold and Line Functions
    Line function shows kitchen breaks between appetizers and main course.
    Hold function records order but does not send to kitchen until server requests.
    Hold and fire by item or group of items selectable in 5 minute intervals (delayed order).
    Special instructions pop up screen for server to tell kitchen: how long to hold, "make to go", rush etc.
  • Take Out and Delivery Functions
    Multi - line caller ID.
    Automatic delivery charge (optional).
    Popup order history for each customer.
    Previous order repeat.
    Map codes may be entered for each customer.
    Driver dispatch, delivery time, compensation and mileage tracking.
  • Built-in Employee Clock In/Out
    Automatic clock in at login (if selected)
    Popup clock out reminder, Reminds again at clock in if missed.
    Mandatory clock in can be selected for specific employees.
    Manager approval required if over maximum shift.
    Work hours can be verified and adjusted by manager.
  • Payment Functionality
    Unlimited user definable payment types
    Automatic foreign exchange calculation with user definable rates.
    Quick cash and exact change buttons.
    Suggested Service Charge (tip calculation). Forced SC selectable for groups.
  • Frequent Diner (Optional Module)PDF
    Track and reward regular or VIP customers.
    Set-up items with bonus points.
    Set-up items exempt from awards or redemption
    Manage direct mail campaigns
  • Gift Card (Optional module) PDF
    Issue and redeem gift cards for a single store or across a chain.
    Cards may be refilled at any store.
    Delete lost or stolen cards
    Reissue returned cards
  • Accounts Receivable Declining Balance (Optional Module)PDF
    Define customer AR terms, maximum credit, maximum daily, weekly and monthly spending.
    Use prepaid Magnetic Card with Declining Balance (Institutions and Schools)
    Set menu restrictions for customers with special dietary requirements.
    Set purchase/usage restrictions by locations or sections.
  • Optional Integrated CCA Module (US AND Canada)PDF
    Provides integrated credit card sale transaction processing directly from within Profitek to Global Payments or Moneris in Canada; and through PC Charge Payment Server in the US.
    Canadian debit card processing.
    Performs Pre-Authorization & Post-Authorization to handle tips more effectively.
    Handles Refunds and Voids.
  • Hotel Front Desk Integration (Optional Module)
    Optional module allows Profitek to Interface with most popular Hotel Management Systems to allow room charges.
  • Training Mode
    Training Mode for new employees does not affect operational database.
    Update training database to current database with one touch.
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