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Competition comes in various forms - new categories, grocery stores, high-volume retailers, and even convenience stores. You need to compete with the promotional capabilities of these competitors and leverage your speed and flexibility.

Your operations tend to face "rush" periods of intense activity. Your POS system must be able to take and complete orders and take payments quickly. You also need accurate reporting so that you can staff properly to meet these demands but not have overstaffing when the need is not there. You may also want your system to help you promote a smoother traffic flow, by offering incentives for clients to come in during non-peak times.

If you provide delivery as an option, you need help answering phones and getting orders entered promptly. You also have to juggle your orders to get them dispatched properly and make sure your drivers know where they are going and are not wasting time crisscrossing your territory.

The Quick Service business model's profitability increases exponentially with additional locations and may also provide future franchisee opportunities. You can not be everywhere at once. Centralized management and location surveillance may become essential as you grow.

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